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Naruto Shippuden Manga 630 What We Bury

Naruto Shippuden Manga 630 What We Bury

Welcome again to Marvz Anime blog for another manga updates on the Naruto Shippuden Manga Series, the Naruto Shippuden Manga 630 entitled What We Bury from the last episode the Naruto  Shippuden Manga 629 entitled Wind Hole.



The Episode starts from the last episode of Naruto Shippuden Manga Series, As Obito showing his emptiness to Kakashi as he trying to persuade Kakashi to let it go since he is creating a perfect world where they can see whatever they want to see. On the other hand back on the battlefield the Juubi is trying to transform to its original form but it is one more step to its Final form as Bee and the Eight tails is discussing that if the Juubi reached its final form then the Game is Set, and Match. Meaning its now or never. Meanwhile as the Juubi is trying to charge a huge tailed beast bomb, Naruto is trying to heal and the Kyuubi is trying to mold and charge its chakra, Shikamaru tried to contact Kitsuchi and asked for a simple earth jutsu that everyone can do that is not affiliated to the village of the hidden rock. Shikamaru then relay the earth jutsu to everyone on the shinobi alliance and asked Bee to attack the huge tailed beast bomb to change its trajectory. Back to Obito and Kakashi, Kakashi doesn't want give up on his beliefs and does not want to let go of his comrades even though it is causing him that much pain. Back on the battlefield as the Juubi released the huge tailed beast bomb and as the shinobi alliance tried to use the earth jutsu to delay the huge tailed beast bomb from hitting Naruto, suddenly the huge tailed beast bomb disappears and Minato arrives in the battlefield.

My Reaction:

The Naruto Shippuden Manga 630 entitled What We Bury is quite interesting from what Obito and Kakashi is discussing about to the perfect world he is trying to create to the battlefield where Naruto together with the shinobi alliance struggle how to stop Madara and the Juubi. What to expect next week, well if you would ask me the best is yet to come, as the battle towards the end it excites me since Minato has cool way for an entrance and I am sure the three other hokage will arrive soon with Sasuke and Orochimaru together with the others. One other thing that excites me here is the battle between Madara and Hashimara. 

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