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Naruto Shippuden 301 Paradox

Naruto Shippuden 301 Paradox

Welcome back to Marvz Anime Blog for another Anime Episode of  Naruto Shippuden SeriesNaruto Shippuden 301 entitled Paradox from the the last episode Naruto Shippuden 300 The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage.

From the last episode of the Naruto Shippuden Series, the episode started back to the battlefield with Temari and the rest of her battalion against the Third Raikage. The Third Raikage already told them his weakness that since he is lightning style ninja the only element that can damage him is a wind style jutsu so Temary and the rest of the long range wind style jutsu user tried to attack him although it hits him another thing he did not mention is that his body is like an armor that cannot be penetrated. Naruto came and tried to attack the Third Raikage with his Rasenshuriken but even that jutsu cannot totally damage him and easily regenerate. So Dodoi came and explains the abilities of the Third Raikage. He said that the Third Raikage has the perfect armor and a perfect weapon as lightning style user. However, as the battle goes Naruto noticed the scar on his chest and ask Dodoi how did he get the scar. No one knows where the scar came from since it is said that it is the most embarrassing moment for the Third Raikage. All they know is that he got it after fighting with the Eight tails long time ago. Naruto then tries to assume that it could be the tailed beast bomb so he tried doing it but he failed so he contacted Bee and talked to the Eight Tails what happen. The Eight tails said that it could be the tailed beast bomb or not, the only thing he remembered is that after keep on pushing they both fell forward. Naruto then changed to Sage mode since it caused him too much chakra after failing to create his own version of the tailed beast bomb. Using the Sage modes frog kumite together with his rasengan he pushed the hand of the Third Raikage toward his chest and finally it pierces his own chest using his hand. 


The Naruto Shippuden 301 entitled Paradox, only shows how Naruto grown up to be a fine shinobi by analyzing the situation and the weakness of the foe. Although it is a big gamble but it works. I am looking forward to the  

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